Tue, 12. Sep. 2023   Rothe, Hannes

New Podcast "Pivoting Life"

Don’t panic – pivot! Life-changing decisions in life sciences careers. In this pilot episode, we explain who we are, and where we started.

We are happy to announce our pilot episode for the podcast series Pivoting Life. 
Don’t panic – pivot! Life-changing decisions in life sciences careers

PivotingLife is about turning careers and ventures into the sciences. Here, we talk with people who left well-trodden paths and made bold decisions.

In this pilot episode, you will meet Kathi, a former scientist who leapt into the vibrant world of startups; Xenia, a passionate science communicator bridging the gap between complex research and the public; and Hannes, a professor in information systems, who constantly struggles with the boundaries of academic professions.

Join this eclectic trio as they introduce Pivoting Life, a podcast dedicated to the myriad paths life scientists tread outside the confines of traditional academia.

Dive deep into the heart of unique career narratives.

Discover the rollercoaster of successes and setbacks, and bask in the raw authenticity of our guests’ stories.

Pivoting Life isn’t about achieving a flawless career trajectory – it’s about embracing the unexpected, learning from each  twist and turn, and finding your own definition of success in science.

Tune in and get inspired to pivot your life towards an uncharted horizon.

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