Mon, 11. Sep. 2023   Savostina, Anna

Sign up now! SUST introduces three exciting brand-new courses for the winter term of 2023/24

Starting from October 1 the chair for Information Systems and Sustainable Supply Chain Management becomes a part of the newly established faculty for Informatics at the UDE and offers three new courses: Sustainable Digital Entrepreneurship, Sustainability with Machine Learning and Entrepreneurship with Purpose. 

Sustainable Digital Entrepreneurship
Embark on a journey where you'll gain entrepreneurial and sustainability competencies by tackling real-life business case studies.  Additionally, you'll sharpen your team-building and prototyping skills. On top of that students will have a chance to experience a startup environment in Place Beyond Bytes.

Sustainability with Machine Learning
Delve into the foundations of machine learning, explore the depths of deep neural networks, and discover their transformative applications in sustainable development. This course equips you with the knowledge to harness machine learning for making more sustainable decisions, enhancing environmental monitoring, optimizing supply chain management, and achieving greater energy efficiency.

Entrepreneurship with Purpose
Uncover the unique and powerful world of purpose-driven entrepreneurial ventures. Here, we emphasize ventures that not only pursue economic success but also uphold a strong commitment to social, societal, and ecological betterment. Throughout the course, you'll engage in lively discussions, ideation sessions, team building activities, and business modelling, all while contemplating the dual mission of creating lasting impact alongside economic growth.

Explore the course descriptions and sign up for the one that aligns with your passions and aspirations!