Wed, 20. Dec. 2023   Rothe, Hannes

Designing as trading-off: a practice-based view on smart service systems

We share insights from our recent article on the how to design a smart service system (among others, with L. Wessel) in the European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS)...


Designing as trading-off: a practice-based view on smart service systemsPosture-related problems, such as back pain, are an increasing global burden. They aredeeply intertwined with how humans sit. While the information systems (IS) literaturehas been relatively silent on this matter, emerging literature in related disciplines hasbegun to attend to this problem by developing various artefacts. However, researchershave oftentimes done so by basing their artefacts on engineering rationales andattending only limitedly to the interactions between artefacts and humans. Theseinteractions are crucial because data on posture is best collected by placing sensors onhumans’ backs. This calls for considering and evaluating how bodies move in relationto sensors, the emotive reactions of humans to sensors and how humans make sense ofrecommendations emanating from underlying artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.We uncover what these considerations of human-centredness mean for designing smartservice systems for posture management and suggest that a core consideration relates totrading-off possibilities of smart technologies and necessities emerging from practices.This study contributes to the body of knowledge on designing smart service systemsand responds to calls for more IS research dealing with the prevention of chronic healthconditions.

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Wessel, L., Sundermeier, J., Rothe, H., Baiyere, A., Hanke, S., Rappert, F., Gersch, M (forthcoming), Designing as trading-off: a practice-based view on smart service systems, European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS)
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