Towards X Futures

Information Systems and Sustainable Supply Chain Management

We are dedicated to exploring the potential for sustainable futures through digital innovation (x futures).

Digital technology plays a crucial role in shaping a more sustainable society. We still have much to learn about the interplay between digital technology and sustainable transformation.

With a focus on the socio-economic aspects of digital ecosystems, we gain a deeper understanding of the relationships between digital innovators and entrepreneurs, data, and knowledge as drivers of change. We guide individuals and organizations in positioning themselves for  "x futures".

Join us on our journey Towards X Futures.

 Tue, 20. Feb. 2024   Rothe, Hannes

EHDS4all: Collaborative Value Creation with Health Data

We are happy to lead the a BMBF consortium, funded with 2.5m EUR, that jointly supports SMEs and start-ups in creating uses cases for European Health Data Spaces.
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 Thu, 15. Feb. 2024   Rothe, Hannes

Step into the spotlight at Emerging Technologies in Medicine (ETIM) 2024

Together with Techstars, UK Essen and Place Beyond Bytes, we are calling on innovative startups and scale-ups to pitch their ideas to a live audience of investors, clinicians, and tech enthusiasts.
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 Wed, 20. Dec. 2023   Rothe, Hannes

Designing as trading-off: a practice-based view on smart service systems

We share insights from our recent article on the how to design a smart service system (among others, with L. Wessel) in the European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS)...
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 Wed, 13. Dec. 2023   Luckson Chandrakumar

New AI Entrepreneurship Study Unveiled: Bridging the Cognitive Chasm in Product Innovation

In a harmonious convergence of academic rigor and entrepreneurial discovery, the forthcoming #icis2024 study by the quartet : Jonathan Zebhauser, Prof. Dr. Janina Sundermeier, Samuel Koranteng, and Prof. Dr. Hannes Rothe shedes...
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 Tue, 21. Mar. 2023   Rothe, Hannes

Extended Generativity Theory on Digital Platforms

New publication in Information Systems Research
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