Mon, 18. Sep. 2023   Rothe, Hannes

Digital entrepreneurship from cellular data: How omics afford the emergence of a new wave of digital ventures in health

We share insights from our recent article on the Role of Omics Data in Digital Entrepreneurship (with Katharina Lauer, Callum Talbot-Cooper, and Daniel Conde) in Electronic Markets - The International Journal on Networked Business.

Evidently, the health sector has been profoundly transformed by digital innovation. Omics technologies, like DNA sequencing, have revolutionized our ability to understand biological processes at the molecular level. ????

Omics data, spanning genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics, have become pivotal in digital innovation across various domains, from SARS-CoV-2 tracking to cancer therapies and even consumer goods enhancement. These data enable us to simulate biological functions and drive innovation.

But here's the twist: Omics data isn't your typical "homogeneous" digital resource. It's high-dimensional, non-standardized, heavily regulated, and often lacks reproducibility. These unique characteristics pose intriguing challenges and opportunities for digital ventures in the health domain.

Our qualitative study, featuring interviews with entrepreneurs, investors, and data infrastructure providers, delved deep into how omics data influences entrepreneurship. Our findings highlight the need for significant investments in complementary resources to counter the challenges posed by omics data.

We propose a contextualized combination mechanism for venturing with cellular-level data, offering fresh perspectives on digital innovation and entrepreneurship in this domain.

We believe that this research becomes especially relevant in the context of expanding open data initiatives and health data regulations. It's a promising path towards harnessing the potential of omics data for transformative digital ventures. This might be particularly important as we introduce new data regulations in Europe #ehds and Germany #gdng

Special thanks to ELIXIR and all interviewees in the process!

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